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The internet is a marvellous thing that has multiplied the ways to make money working from home tenfold in the past few years. Online computer work from home jobs and opportunities are seemingly springing up every single day. And while many of them have both positives and negatives, few of these computer work from home jobs has as many potential advantages as the latest investing craze: binary options trading.

Binary options trading is one of the newest types of investing, one which is only available online through your computer. Since it is a method of investing and not a job doing accounting work from home for some faceless corporation on the other side of the world, making money by trading options gives you the chance to experience the benefits of working from home without very many downsides.

Unlike trading stocks or Forex, with binary options you simply make predictions about which direction the price of a stock or currency will move. Because of the fact that you don’t actually buy stocks, you only need a small amount of money to get started; usually a couple hundred dollars will suffice. Also, you don’t need any previous experience in order to learn how to be a successful and profitable trader. Brokers and other binary options websites are more than happy to provide training and strategies that, when followed closely, give traders fantastic opportunities to make money on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, while the famous The Oatmeal working from home comic portrays some of the other downsides of working from home, such as the loss of a good working schedule or problems with your relationships, these are far less likely to happen when you trade binary options. With binary options trading, the speed of trades, often expiring in under 15 minutes, you only have to trade a few hours a day, or week, in order to earn a significant extra income.

That means that you will have plenty of extra time, and money, to get out of the house, pursue your own hobbies, spend quality time with your family, and generally reap the rewards that a successful computer work from home lifestyle can bring.

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