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There is no doubt that at one point in your life, you’ve seen an advertisement for work from home jobs envelopes stuffing and wondered if they are actually good work from home jobs. Maybe you’ve even taken a step further and researched how much money you could make stuffing envelopes at home in your free time. Hopefully you never went any further though, as work from home jobs envelopes stuffing are nothing more than scams trying to take your money.

Legitimate home opportunities such as legal work from home jobs or freelance design jobs never require you to spend any money in order to start doing these jobs. Envelope stuffing jobs, along with other assembly work from home jobs, ask you to send them hundreds of dollars up front in order to purchase the materials, or the license, you need in order to do the job. Then, if they ever bother to actually send you the materials, they won’t pay you for the completed work, claiming that it doesn’t meet their quality standards.

Of course, if you think about it, these jobs have to be scams. What kind of company would waste money sending you envelopes through the mail when they could just do it themselves? But sadly, some people, in their haste to get paid to work from home get captured by the claims and the lies.

Luckily, there are plenty of other high paying work from home jobs out there that don’t require you to spend any money of your own. Binary options trading with a reputable broker, for instance, can be completely free. You will need to make an initial investment but you should never be charged for any trades or any other services. And since the best brokers are regulated in the European Union, you have legal recourse if anything goes wrong.

Work from home jobs envelopes stuffing can never offer that kind of protection, as these ‘jobs’ are just ways to get your hard earned cash. So take the time to research online ways of making money before you get started, and ensure that you will be able to earn money from home without ever falling foul of con artists or criminals.

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