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The past few years have seen a significant rise in the number of people looking for jobs working from UK as a weak economy prompts people to look for ways to earn extra income. While there are plenty of legitimate work from home jobs UK residents can find, a new type of investing, binary options trading, has arisen as a way to earn extra cash from home while retaining the freedom of working for yourself.

Binary options are a relatively new type of investment product which are licensed and regulated by the European Union. Binary options are tools which basically allow investors to ‘wager’ on which direction the price of a stock, currency, or commodity will move in the following minutes. If the trader is wrong, he or she loses the price of the option, while if they are correct, they get their initial investment back, along with an addition profit which can be as high as 85%.

What makes binary options trading one of the best work from home jobs UK residents can have is that it doesn’t require much time in order to see a profit. And unlike other work from home opportunities UK residents have in investing which can be extremely expensive to get into, binary options trading can be stated with just a few hundred pounds.

There are plenty of websites and brokers which offer guides on how to trade and provide you with proven trading strategies which, if followed properly, give traders a great chance to earn money consistently every month. Binary options trading strategies can be learned quickly, and in just a few weeks you can go from a complete beginner to trading pro.

Moreover, since binary options expire so quickly, some are only 60 seconds long, you can make dozens of profitable trades in just a few hours of trading. No other work from home UK jobs allow you to make so much money in such a short period of time. And no other jobs working from home UK give you the freedom to work whenever you want, so that you can live your life the way that you want to.

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