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Many people dream of the free and comfortable lifestyle that working from home can offer. You can work from home no matter where you are in the world, and do it whenever you want, making as much money as you want. Because of this freedom of location, far more people apply for jobs with the top work from home companies than those that offer office positions. What this means is that when you apply, you are often not competing with a few dozen people, but with a few thousand.

This competition means that it can take months or years to land a full-time job working at home. You could, of course, become an independent contractor with one of the top work at home companies in direct sales. However, those jobs take months of building up contacts before you can start making a decent income. They certainly aren’t a good way to make money fast from home.

Another option is to eschew working for a company altogether and cut your own path by starting an online business. While starting an e-shop can be quite worthwhile mentally, the initial costs and need for customers make it a difficult method how to make money fast from home. If you want to learn how to make money from home fast, you need to do something that has immediate results.

Regular investing in the stock market or Forex requires long-term thinking; they are not a good way to make fast money. That being said, there is a way to earn money from home quickly off of stocks, currencies, and commodities, with the chance to make hundreds of dollars in just a few weeks.

There is a type of investing called binary options trading where you predict which direction the price of a stock or currency will move in a set period of time. If you are wrong, you lose the option price and if you are right, you make huge profits. These options usually last 15 minutes or less, with some expiring in as little as 60 seconds! With short expiry times and good strategy, you can make huge profits fast, and forget about working for someone else ever again.

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