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When it comes to work from home computer jobs, there seem to be many companies and websites that promise opportunities, but fail to actually deliver. An online work opportunity might advertise the chance to earn hundreds of dollars a month answering questions or taking surveys, but in reality you would have to work every waking minute in order to earn enough to buy a sandwich and some chips.

So, are there any real work from home jobs where you can actually make money? It depends what you are looking for. There are actually very few available jobs working from home full time for a company. There are more freelancer and independent contractor work from home computer jobs out there, but these tend to be the ones that are difficult to get or pay badly.

If you want to earn extra cash working from home, jobs can be hard to find. Instead, one of the best ways to earn a second income, or even a first income, is to learn how to invest online. While Forex and stock trading can be an excellent way to earn money, they both require advanced market knowledge and significant amounts of money to get started. On the other hand, binary options trading is a new way of investing that anyone can learn to do successfully which only requires a small initial investment.

When you trade binary options, you don’t actually have to purchase any contracts or stocks; you simply make a prediction about which direction a stock or currency will move in the following minutes. Buying a binary option is like placing a wager on a stock going one direction and if you are wrong, you lose your wager, but if right, you earn huge profits, sometimes over 80%.

What differentiates trading binary options from gambling, however, is that there are proven price patterns and trading strategies that can be used to accurately predict price movements. Anyone can learn these strategies, and with hard work and discipline, consistently make money over the long term. Trading just two or three hours a week can equal a nice amount of extra cash, while truly dedicated people have the opportunity to earn an excellent income.

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