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Along with New York and Hong Kong, London is the heart of the financial world. Therefore, it makes sense that when it comes to working online from home UK jobs, and especially work from home London opportunities, there are plenty of options in the financial sector. Among the top work from home online jobs UK residents have in finance, jobs trading in the financial markets and those dealing with personal finance are the most popular.

As a personal financial planner, many people find that there are many work online from home UK opportunities, either through agencies or on their own. However, the downside of working as a financial planner is that although there are many work from home London opportunities in this sector, you will still be required to actually meet with your clients in person, which means a lot of travel.

For people who don’t have any training as a financial planner or who just want to find easy online work from home UK positions, binary options trading is one of the very best options. As a binary options trader you work for yourself, setting your own schedule and working whenever you have the time or inclination to work.

Although binary options trading does involve risk, there are certain trading strategies that you can follow which minimize the risk and give you a great opportunity to earn a solid, reliable income every month. Unlike other forms of investing, binary options trading is almost immediate, as most options expire in under an hour, with some as short as just a minute. Because of this, you can make ten trades an hour, giving yourself a chance to earn huge profits in just a couple of hours of work.

And unlike other work from home London financial jobs like personal financial planning, binary options trading doesn’t require any special education or certification. In fact, you can learn to trade, and trade profitably, in the space of a weekend. If you learn and follow proper trading strategies, you can realistically expect to make money from the very first day you start trading, with the sky the only limit on how much money you can earn.

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