Piece work from home

Among all the different methods of working from home, piece work from home appears to be one of the best and easiest ways to make money at home in your free time. And while there are a few good things about piece work, such as the flexible hours and the chance to earn a decent amount of money if you work a lot, there are far more disadvantages to piece work from home that people should consider before giving it a go.

As the name suggest, piece work is any sort of paid work from home where you are paid a certain set amount of money for completing a certain action. This may be a few cents for every phone call that you answer as a customer service representative, or one dollar for every survey that you successfully fill out. There are myriad different kinds of piece work, but they all have one thing in common, you get paid for what you complete, not for the time you put in.

This leads to the first, and biggest downside of piece work; the amount of time that you spend doing the work can far outweigh the money you get paid for it. For instance, you may find that no matter how fast you can do a task, there is no way to do it fast enough to make any money. These jobs look great, but in reality it takes weeks of work to earn even as much as $20.

Another disadvantage of piece work is that many of these work at home opportunities are actually scams which prey on down-on-their-luck individuals who need to make money from home and don’t have any other way to do it. A quick look at the BBB work from home scams list will reveal hundreds of seemingly legitimate piece work companies that don’t actually exist.

For those looking for work from home that can actually lead to lots of legitimate cash while working at home, something like binary options trading, where you use formulas to make money from stocks, can be far better. Piece work can be difficult and unreliable at best, and a complete scam looking to steal your work or money at the worst.

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