724 Option Platform Review


724 Option provides round the clock trading options for online traders and ensures you are well informed of market updates, as you can consult an account manager in real time. One of its many interesting features is that it is easy to use for new traders and totally internet based, which means no need to download software. The company prides itself on offering a commission free account with no fees, no price difference and no leverage. 

Software and Features 

One 724 Option bonus is that the company utilises the most advanced technology available to ensure users are satisfied with each transaction, knowing these transactions are safe and stable. The website is well laid out and fairly self explanatory, remaining user friendly for those who are not so ‘tech-savvy.’ The easy to operate trading platform means it takes a mere 10 minutes of your time to open an account transaction and start earning profit. It is also known as one of the best Forex trading software programs available, allowing you to trade anywhere in the world at any time. For 724Option, the most popular types of investments are foreign exchange, stock, future and commodities. Customers have the option to choose their preferred product transactions due to the expansive products available allowing more options.

Option Types Offered 

For stock binary options, the 724 Option review shows that the company uses a diversified range of Fortune 500 companies including Barclays, BP and Citigroup. You can choose if you want to trade on individual stock trends or on sector. All major indices are offered on the index binary option. It has a broader momentum and also includes the UK’s FTSE 100, which consists of the largest 100 qualifying UK companies by market value. The index form of trading has become increasingly popular for those no longer wanting to trade on individual stocks. The binary forex option focuses on if the exchange price will close above or below the current price. The set time frames for this are usually windows of 15, 30 or 60 minutes. With 724option.net, binaries are not held overnight and the short trading windows mean you can experience results quickly. There are many other options to select through this website. For example, 60 seconds options lets traders experience trading in a short time frame where up to 80% return on investment can be achieved.


If you are new to trading, or a pro, this website offers many benefits with its versatile options and attention to detail offering a more stable trading environment. It has many years of experience in the field and aims to make customers feel safe when trading. The ‘no nonsense’ approach of being 100% internet based is great for people on the go who are not interested in downloading software that some other sites insist be done to use their services.