Binary Option Broker Review of Anyoption

Anyoption is quite famous in the binary option trading world as it was one of the very first binary brokers. Since its beginning in 2009, the Anyoption broker platform has largely remained the same; simple and easy to use for everyone. But it isn’t the platform that is the attraction at; it is the fact that Anyoption is one of the most well-respected and trusted online brokers whose giant asset list and unique trades give traders the opportunity to succeed.


Software and Features

 As one of the pioneers of online browser-based trading, everything takes place online in their simple, yet powerful trading platform. Although there aren’t quite as many features as some traders might be used to, there are certainly enough features, including multilingual support, which are helpful. One of these features, the Profit Line, shows your profits in real time, as you trade so you know exactly how much you have based on current conditions. You can also see a live feed of what other traders are currently doing, and how they are faring with their options trades.


Option Types Offered

 Anyoption is certainly a great name for this broker, as they seem to offer almost any option out there. Their current list of Anyoption online options available to trade numbers almost 150 different stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs. Normal payouts are between 65%-71%, which is on the lower end, although they offer a 15% refund on out-of-the-money trades to compensate. In addition to offering standard call/put options and one-touch options, Anyoption has a completely unique option type, the 0-100 option, where you predict the outcome of specific events. If you are correct, you can strike the option at any time and depending on current condition, you could make profits as high as 1,000%.


Account Types Offered

 Unlike other brokers, there are no set account levels at, each account is personalized. This means that there is also no set Anyoption bonus, although some customers might be offered a bonus based on their trading and deposit amount. One huge advantage of Anyoption is that it is fully licensed and regulated, meaning that they accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including bitcoin, and you can be assured of security and safety when banking with them.



 The long-term presence of Anyoption on the binary option trading market means that they have had years of experience to fine-tune their platform and services. The result is that despite a few flaws, during our Anyoption review we found it delivers a more user-friendly, secure, and empowering trading experience than nearly any other binary options broker out there today.