ApostenaBolsa Binary Option Platform Review


ApostenaBolsa is a fairly new, Brazilian based Binary Options trading platform. With an easy-to-use, intuitive website that offers clear instructions in Portuguese, English and Spanish and a well-defined customer service, Apostena Bolsa is an interesting new addition to the binary options market. It offers clear explanations for all the services and features on its website and focuses on bringing in and educating beginner and intermediate traders. 

Software and Features

ApostenaBolsa.com is owned by Net Club Provider of Specialized Services Ltd. and is based in Brazil, being the first binary options trading platform in the country. It uses the extremely popular TradoLogic platform, a world recognized software that has established itself as a leading brand in the field and is used by some of the most powerful and trustworthy brokers in the world. The website also offers a number of tools to help traders increase their efficiency. The Close Now tool offers investors nearly total control over their options and a chance to minimize loss or secure profits if the option doesn’t turn out the way the client predicted. The Roll Over tool allows traders, for a one time fee, to extend the closure time giving their unproductive option enough time to achieve the desired result.

Option Types Offered 

Considering that Apostena Bolsa is a fairly new binary option platform its offer is rather limited. It offers a range option with gains anywhere between 75 – 81%, a touch option that can bring just about the same results and an above/below option. The platform offers 35 assets at the time of this ApostenaBolsa review. It also offers 35 assets that include stocks, currencies, indices, commodities and bonds. Deposits can be made with all major service providers including Visa, MasterCard and WesternUnion. 

Account Types Offered 

Apostena Bolsa doesn’t offer a multitude of accounts, and focuses all its services, tools and quality options into one type of account. Signing up is a free and easy process and even comes with some interesting promotions. As an ApostenaBolsa bonus, each new user receives a free BRL 100 demo sum. While this is technically not real money and can’t be withdrawn from the account, it will allow a novice user to get a feel for trading, put together a strategy and learn from their mistakes. It is a great way to take off the pressure and let users experience the true power and potential of this platform. Upon the clients first real money deposit the sum will be erased regardless of the balance. 


ApostenaBolsa is a breakthrough for the South American market and a promising binary trading platform prospect. While there is a lot more work to do, particularly in the options offer and asset diversity it has potential and its solid customer service and easy-to-navigate website make it an ideal broker for beginner dealers.