Bfmmarkets Binary Option Platform Review


Bfmmarkets aims to become one of the big names in the binary options trading market and, as such, has taken upon itself to improve a number of their websites functions. The clean easy to maneuver, intuitive website offers easy access to any tool or service a client needs. Another key element where Bfmmarkets shines is customer support with its daily service.

Software and Features 

Bfm Markets uses the powerful Tradologic platform, giving their customers a strong and stable piece of software that is used by a number of other big companies in the trading field. It is intuitive and user-friendly and comes with a number of specially designed tools to help investors make more efficient trades. also allows mobile trading thus increasing the flexibility of their clients who can now use this service from just about anywhere on the globe as long as there is a decent internet connection available.

Option Types Offered 

At the time of this Bfmmarkets review the company had three options types to trade. They were Digital, Touch and Range options. They offer enough flexibility for all clients, ensuring that both amateurs and professional traders can use their service. Bfm Markets also offers a series of tools like Close and Extend to increase the ease of trading and offer support to beginner traders. 

Account Types Offered 

Bfmmarkets has a diverse offer when it comes to accounts, with each one being destined to increase the experience and profitability of its users. There are four types of accounts someone can open with this platform.

The Discovery Account is designed for amateur traders. It has an initial investment of at least €250 and allows trades between €20 and €5,000. Remuneration is expected to be around 75%.

The Premium Account is designed for more experienced traders that aren’t quite at a professional level yet. With a minimum investment of €5,000 and minimum trades that start at €50 it also includes a free half-hour coaching session. Remuneration is at 79%.

The Excellency Account is oriented at experienced, professional traders. An initial investment can be anywhere between €20,000 and €50,000 with a minimum trading amount of €100. Remuneration is at 83%, a significant 8 percent increase from the Discovery Account. This account also includes as a bonus weekly trade monitoring from a Bfmmarkets expert.

The VIP Account is destined for the absolute top of the line trader. The initial investment package is €50,000 while the smallest tradable amount is €1,000. Remuneration is set at 85 percent while new clients get a 100% Bfmmarkets bonus. The account comes with three free coaching sessions, daily monitoring of trades and a reimbursement protocol that can be set up with one of the brokers.


Bfmmarkets is on the verge of becoming a major player in the binary options market. It has all the elements needed for success including great customer service and a powerful platform.